SMA replacement device

You will receive a comparable device with all the necessary updates. If a device is replaced within the warranty period, the remaining warranty period carries over to the replacement device. In general, we provide a one-year warranty on all replacement devices.

How do I receive a replacement device?

Please register in our Online Service Center and fill out the form. To support you quickly, all the necessary information are requested in the form.

All SMA replacement devices will be shipped without optional accessories. For installers it is important to know that they will now have to install all accessory components that were on the returned device onto the replacement inverter before return shipping.

For more information please see our applicable device replacement conditions »
as well as our general terms of delivery »

Important: Unfortunately, the delivery of replacement devices for certain inverter types is currently delayed. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Notices: The device replacement service is available for all Sunny Boy-, Sunny Mini Central-, Sunny Tripower-, Sunny Backup-, Hydro Boy and Sunny Island inverters. 
Please ensure that the replacement is only performed by a qualified electrician.

The online device replacement service as all further non-technical support services at for customers and users of these services outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland is in an open test phase until further notice.

Additional local country law and SMA global and local terms and conditions may apply to purchase services and to specific portions or features of the site.

SMA may make changes to any services offered on the site, or to the applicable prices for any such products or services, at any time, without notice. The materials on the site with respect to services may be out of date, and SMA makes no commitment to update the materials on the site with respect to such services.

Replacement of SMA Devices in Systems with SMA Communication Products

Please note: After the device has been replaced, it must be again integrated into the system communication, such as Sunny WebBox or Sunny Portal. You will find the information you need in this document.
Download Installation Manual

SMA Service rebate

The service rebate is our remuneration for installers who replace inverters for us at customer’s site. The principle behind it is that you support us and we compensate you by paying a rebate for your services.
Our key requirement: It must be a warranty case.

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