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What influence does a line voltage smaller than the nominal value of the grid (e.g. 230 V) have on the feed-in operation of the inverters?

Influence of a grid voltage that is less than the nominal value of the grid

If the line voltage currently present on the inverter does not reach the official nominal value of the power distribution grid of e.g. 230 V/400 V, this may influence the plant yield, depending on the size of the deviation.

The reason for this is that the maximum feed-in current of each inverter is restricted to protect the inverter. For every line voltage, current limiting automatically results in corresponding maximum feed-in capacity of the inverter. As a result of this control, it may not be possible to feed the maximum possible energy that the PV array makes available at the time into the power distribution grid.

Our inverters have been dimensioned such that normal fluctuations in the line voltage cannot cause any restrictions in power. The limiting value of the line voltage, below which the inverter cannot feed in its maximum output power, comes from the maximum output current on the datasheet. The Sunny Boy 3000 HF, for example, has a maximum output power of 3 000 VA and a maximum output current of 15 A. This means that this inverter only restricts its power below a current line voltage of 200 V (= 3 000 VA/15 A).

However, it is difficult to estimate the precise extent of the yield loss caused by insufficient line voltage. For a precise calculation you would need to know the behavior over time of the line voltage and the solar irradiation at those times, which are not available in almost all cases.

If the line voltage is continually too low, we recommend contacting the responsible distribution grid operator. In contacting the distribution grid operator, you can clarify whether the supply voltage for the feed-in point can be increased.