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Diagnostics case :

Sunny Tripower is beeping

Sunny Tripower is beeping

The Sunny Tripower device types STP 8000 / 10000 / 12000 / 15000 / 17000TL-10 are equipped with an electronic string fuse*. It prevents dangerous reverse currents in the PV array and thus plays a key role in fire prevention.

Reverse currents can occur if the polarity of connections is reversed during installation or as a result of module defects during operation. The electronic string fuse recognizes these defects and shorts the PV array. This prevents the occurrence of reverse currents and thus safeguards both the PV system and the Sunny Tripower. An advantage of this method is that conventional fuses at the DC inputs are not necessary. The electronic solution is entirely maintenance-free and does not require any dimensioning.

The Sunny Tripower warns about dangerous conditions due to installation errors, reverse currents and special device errors by beeping and issuing warnings on the display that forbid disconnection of the ESS.

When the Sunny Tripower beeps:

• Do NOT disconnect the Electronic Solar Switch (ESS handle) as the entire reverse current may otherwise flow through the defective string and it could result in a fire.

• Do NOT disconnect the DC connector as there is a danger of an electric arc.

• A two- or four-digit event number (e.g. 40, 4001, 4003, 64, 64xx, 82, 82xx) is displayed on the STP display and via communication (e.g. Sunny Explorer). These have been explained in separate diagnoses. Please follow the recommendations under the event number in question.

DANGER! The tasks described below may only be performed by electrically qualified persons:

If an acoustic signals sounds and the display shows an error message that prohibits removing the ESS handle, wait until dark. The ESS can only be removed and the Sunny Tripower disconnected once it is dark.

If the Sunny Tripower is open, install a contact barrier (e.g. a boundary fence) and moisture protection (e.g. tarpaulin) before leaving the inverter.

*not to be confused with the ESS handle (Electronic Solar Switch), which is used for load-free disconnection of the DC strings