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Diagnostics case :

Event number 73, 7303 – 7326 Update failed / Wait for update conditions

Event numbers 73, 7303–7326 Update xxx failed / Waiting for update conditions

Event numbers 73 and 73xx appear in the event of disturbances to the inverter’s update process.

If error message 7303 is displayed continuously, this means the firmware update has failed.

With event numbers 7305–7326, the inverter continues to update the other components and continues to feed power into the utility grid.

7303 Host computer update failed

7305 RS485I module update failed

7307 Bluetooth update failed

7309 Display update failed

7311 Language table update failed

7314 String protection update failed

7316 Speedwire module update failed

7326 Webconnect update failed

Corrective measures for installers:

• Completely disconnect the inverter (AC off, ESS handle and DC disconnector off, disconnect all strings, wait 20 min.)

• Check SD memory card for correct formatting; use a new SD memory card if necessary

• Check firmware version before and after the update, comply with notes in the Read_Me files and the technical description “Firmware update with SD memory card”

• Perform the update again in accordance with the NG_UpdSD-TB manual. Only perform the update if there is sufficient irradiation and DC voltage. During the update, the inverter must be in feed-in operation.

If a new update attempt fails again, the cause and corrective action must be clarified by SMA Service. In this case, please contact SMA Service with the following information:

• Device type and serial number of the inverter

• 4-digit event number

• Is the disturbance sporadic or continuous?

• Inverter’s firmware version before the update

• What firmware should be installed in what way (via SD memory card / Bluetooth / Webconnect)?

• Irradiation conditions during the update

Special case:
7324 Wait for update conditions

Ensure that there is DC supply to the inverter and that it feeds more than 1,000 W into the utility grid for over one minute. The inverter must be adequately supplied with DC power for the entire course of the update.

In some device types, the update can be forced by setting the parameter “Upd.OpMode” or “operating mode of the device update” in Sunny Explorer. The selection must be set to “Force” or “Erzwingen” if the 1,000 W threshold is to be ignored. This is possible with STP-TL-10 devices as of firmware version 2.33.02 if the STP has already operated with this version. Otherwise a restart (after complete AC/DC disconnection) must be performed additionally after the parameter change.

All work on the inverter and the cabling of the PV array must be carried out by an electrically qualified person. SMA accepts no liability for the information and solutions given in the Online Service Center. Additional information can be found in our Online Service Center’s terms and conditions of use.