Replacement conditions

On many products, SMA as manufacturer grants the end customer, as operator of the devices, an SMA factory warranty of five years, effective from the date of purchase. An optional extension of this warranty can be purchased.

At SMA's discretion, the SMA factory warranty covers either the repair of the faulty device or component on site or at SMA, or its replacement by a device of equivalent type and age. In warranty cases, upon request, the start of the warranty period must be verified, for example by the purchase document with the serial number of the product or a warranty certificate.

The end customer or installer contacts SMA with the exact error message. This enables downtimes to be kept as short as possible. In some cases, SMA requires further information which must be submitted on request.

Warranty service details are as specified in the SMA manufacturer’s warranty certificate accompanying the device which describes the SMA factory warranty, or the terms of the SMA extended warranty. In addition, the warranty conditions are available for download here.

The defective device must be ready for pick-up within a maximum of five business days, and becomes the property of SMA upon acceptance of the replacement device. Important information relating to pick-up of the defective device is enclosed with the replacement device.

We wish to expressly point out that, for the provision of all replacement devices, independent of the reason for the replacement, our general terms of delivery (ALB) also apply. With your signature on the order form or in some countries the confirmation in the Online Service Center, you agree to the inclusion of these general terms of delivery.

Claims from this factory warranty are excluded, in particular claims to compensation of financial loss due to defects such as loss of profits including remuneration for grid feed-in which was not possible, installment and de-installation costs, and the costs of troubleshooting. If no significant defect can be determined in the product under warranty that has been delivered to SMA or if, for any other reason, there is no entitlement from the factory warranty.

Flat fee for testing non-defective devices: Devices claimed under our replacement service which, after testing at SMA, are found to be fully operational are subject to a flat fee for inspection of 100 EUR + sales tax + shipping + any applicable customs charges.*

If no defect can be discovered in the device during onsite servicing, we will charge you for the trip and the required working hours.

*For devices that have been damaged as the result of i.e. overvoltage or due to customer liability, other charges may apply. All the information on this website is subject to change at any time without notice.

Important notices: The online device replacement service as all further non-technical support services at for customers and users of these services outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland is in an open test phase until further notice.

Additional local country law and SMA global and local terms and conditions may apply to purchase services and to specific portions or features of the site.

SMA may make changes to any services offered on the site, or to the applicable prices for any such products or services, at any time, without notice. The materials on the site with respect to services may be out of date, and SMA makes no commitment to update the materials on the site with respect to such services.

The device replacement service is available for Sunny Boy, Sunny Mini Central, Sunny Tripower, Sunny Backup, Hydro Boy, Sunny Island, Danfoss ULX / TLX / MLX / FLX / DLX.

Ensure that the replacement has to be performed by a qualified electrician. In some countries you can also request the competent assistance of our service technicians or service partners and providers.